The Great Outdoors

Today, I must venture forth.  My manager is in town so we’re taking the opportunity to have some face time and talk about the things I’m working on.

Of course, in perfectly malignant fashion, the universe has decided that today shall be the coldest day all year.  It’s been a pretty mild winter here, in my estimation, and I had been lulled into believing that we were actually on our way to spring.

Not so.

Instead, last night the wind came ripping in from the darkest recesses of the very bottom of the coldest corner in hell.  It was the kind of wind that stands you straight up and then just punches your kidneys for yuks.  Like something out of The Day After Tomorrow.

I’ll cease my whining there.  And I’ll resume it when I return from this frigid expedition. 


2 Responses to The Great Outdoors

  1. Brad W says:

    You should check out Doug Nonn’s post today. -72 in Chicken, Alaska.

  2. siegecurmudgeon says:

    Okay, now I feel great shame. Yes, -72 is much colder than here.

    Chicken? I want to live in Chicken. Just for a little bit.

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