Blog stats

I’m addicted to blog stats.

I find myself returning on different occasions throughout the day, just to see who has come to pay a visit.  The frustration I have is that the stats provided by WordPress don’t really lend themselves to much insight.  It’s basically just a hit counter.  Google Analytics, by comparison, provides a wealth of information, and you can drill down to a ridiculous degree.  The problem, of course, is that Google Analytics doesn’t work on the free blogs; it only works with WordPress if you host the blog yourself.

Now, I understand that I really am not in a position to complain too much.  After all, the good folks at WordPress are hosting my random meandering thoughts free of charge, so whining about their statistical shortcomings is akin to kicking a gift horse in the junk.  Still, I can’t help but wish wistfully that I could know more about the kind and variety of visitors here, as opposed to having their presence served up in a homogenous mass.


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