A Little Brisk

The house is cold.  In an effort to be fiscally and environmentally responsible, we have taken to turning the heat way down in the house during the day.  I shut the door to my office, and have a little electric heater in here to keep my tootsies warm.  It labours mightily, but is having a hard time keeping ahead of the near-freezing temperatures outside.

Still, I realize how warm my office is when I step out into the rest of the house.  We’ve got the thermostat set for about 62 degrees (that’s around 16, for you Celsius-minded folks).  It’s chilly.

There’s just one hitch in all this.  The washroom is upstairs, on the main floor.  Outside my office.  Where it’s cold.

There’s nothing quite like having a really cold toilet seat to greet you in the mornings.  It’s more effective than coffee for that wide-eyed wake-me-up experience.  Wow.

Hey, at least it provides incentive to stay in my office and work.  I don’t even eat lunch out in the main part of the house anymore, for fear my digits will cramp up and fall off by the time I return.  My job would be very tricky without digits.


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