Madison Square Gardens

We went into Manhattan last night for the Matchbox 20 concert at MSG.

First, I need to clarify that it was my wife who drove the decision to attend the concert.  I must also say, though, that I had a good time; the guys put on a solid show, and the crowd was definitely into it.

As we were sitting in our seats during the break between Alanis Morissette’s set and MB20’s, I was looking around the gardens at the various penants on the wall, and noticed something that reminded me of the Air Canada Center in Toronto and brought a happy Canadian tear to my eye.

To my left, the wall was strewn with Rangers banners.  To my right, Knicks banners.  But there in the center, on the scoreboard, was one word that made it very clear who opens and shuts the gardens: “Period”.

The scoreboard is forever set to indicate which period it is.  Not which quarter; which period.  The Knicks play here, but Rangers hockey is the blood and bone of this place.  It’s the same with the ACC: the scoreboard unwaveringly declares that this is hockey’s home.

I warmed the cockles of my little Canadian heart. 

Of course, the fact that they had a Canadian flag hanging from the rafters during the concert didn’t do anything to dampen my spirits.


One Response to Madison Square Gardens

  1. Brad W says:

    I greatly appreciated your post on MSG and the scoreboard and banners that hang from above. There is something in the paraphenalia that seems lasting — a link to the past and a look ahead. Something very real, rooted in our memory and our experiences, and something that captures the imagination and our hope for future victory. I think of the Maple Leafs in the ACC and the Gardens before — 40 years since a banner of distinction has been raised, but those former champions are still celebrated. The Tragically Hip concert and the retired number of Bill Barilko filling the spotlight.
    I go now, on this sunny, Saturday afternoon, to skate laps around a small pond, seeing imaginary banners gracing the branches above, and hearing imaginary voices murmer in the snowbanks. An experience to share with a champion pumpkin.

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