How is it that, at this stage in human history, we still get colds?  Given that pretty much every person on the planet has been exposed to the common cold in one form or another, you would think that we would have developed something approaching an immunity to the virus, or some form of vaccination or effective treatment.

What’s prompting this post is, of course, the fact that I feel myself coming down with a cold.  I’m not sure where exactly I would have picked it up, seeing as how I work from home and basically only venture forth to forage for groceries or get the mail.  Still, somehow it would appear that I am in the process of being treated the runny-nosed, congested-chested, aching-headed, fatigued-bodied delight that is the common cold.  Time to bust out the home remedies: orange juice, echinacea, sun-dried worm’s liver, and chilled bleach.

I’m sure getting pretty much zero sleep this weekend didn’t help my chances terribly.


One Response to Colds

  1. The Wife says:

    No need to “venture forth to forage” to get a cold. Sharing is caring and I had a cold to share :o)

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