Gratitude – 02/21/2008

It’s been a little frantic around here, which means I don’t get very much time to reflect or write.  I’m still trying to maintain these gratitude postings, though, in the interest of maintaining an optimistic outlook.  I’m hoping things will return to normal and I will have the freedom to blog once again soon.

Today’s list:

  1. Nieces.  Nieces are awesome, and are a phenomenal blend of cuteness, affection, and grand amusement.
  2. So far, I have avoided the worst of the colds that are swirling about me.  Knock on wood.
  3. Keyboards.  I am so used to typing now that when I try to write by hand, the resulting stochastic sprawl is illegible even to me — much, I am sure, to the chagrin of Brad W.  If I were no longer able to type, I would be so completely hosed.

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