Gratitude – 02/22/2008

It is the weekend, which pretty much counts for three items to be grateful for in and of itself.  But there’s a lot of good stuff in life, and so I will go beyond the obvious weekend thankfulness for today’s gratitude list.

  1. Ketchup chips.  I like ketchup chips.  You can’t get them here in the US (at least, nowhere that I’ve found), but we brought a trunkful of them back with us the last time we were in Canada, and I have been happily scarfing them down since.
  2. A reasonably successful day at work.  There were some stressful meetings, and not everything went just tickety-boo, but I was able to knock off a couple of things on my do-it-or-get-fired list.  So that’s always good.

Bonne weekend, all.


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