Beginning Blogging

Being new to the blogosphere, and the subculture therein, I’m certainly interested in learning more about the expectations and unspoken rules of the phenomenon.  Brad W’s post on setting up a blog has got me thinking — perhaps a little too much. 

On the one hand, blogging is more fun when there are people reading my content and interacting with me, so there’s a clear motivation to “play by the rules”, as it were, and ensure I’m sprinkling my posts with keywords and working to become an expert in a given area.  Lorelle has a ton of great information on getting your blog noticed.

But on the other hand, blogging — for me — is really an outlet.  It’s a chance to write, which is something I enjoy doing but have not found many avenues to pursue it.  After all, my role in Corporate America doesn’t really lend itself to a great deal of creative writing.  In that case, then, I don’t really want to narrow my focus to try and become an expert in an area.  I’d rather just write about what interests me, and what’s happening in my world at that point.

So it’s a bit of a conundrum: to enjoy what I’m writing, and be largely irrelevant, or to try and become relevant, and not enjoy writing.  Perhaps there’s a medium in there that I can find.  For now, though, I think I’ll focus on writing what I enjoy, and let the rest of it sort itself out with time.


2 Responses to Beginning Blogging

  1. Blog your passion. Just reach deep down inside of you, blow work and family and those who tell you who to be and what to think and do, and just blog yuour heart and spirit. Audience will come in time.

    When you find your blogging voice, then you are ready for an audience. Until then, just play and experiment and see what happens. This “blogging thing” could take you in a direction you never dreamed, leading you down paths of delight once thought not possible.

    It isn’t about what you are “supposed” to do. It’s about being you. The rest will happen when you finally find you in the process.

  2. siegecurmudgeon says:

    Thanks for visiting and providing these ideas, Lorelle! I guess it just comes down to patience, which is a virtue in which I could use some development.

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