Gratitude – 02/26/2008

Tuesday evening, and it’s been a long but reasonably productive day.  That’s a good thing in and of itself.  Actually, I think I’ll make that item #1 on today’s gratitude list.

  1. I’m grateful that today was a pretty productive day.  It’s back to square one in the morning, but it’s always nice to end the day feeling like you managed to accomplish something.
  2. Tacos.  I realize that a lot of my gratitude postings center around the gastronomic arts, but I do find myself being very appreciative of food.  And no, I am not an enormous narwhal of a human, contrary to what I’m sure you’re imagining right now.
  3. Exercise.  Yes, today we returned to the gym for another round of voluntary torture, and we paid for this privilege.  And in spite of the fact that the only class available today was Body Combat, and in spite of the fact that males were far and away in the minority, and in spite of the fact that I’m nowhere near fit or coordinated enough to repeatedly drop-kick the air about me in time with Beyonce without accidentally slugging one of the unfortunate souls in my vicinity– in spite of that, I’m glad we went, as it was good to get some exercise and feel a little less fat and sluggish.

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