Gratitude – 02/29/2008

What am I grateful for today?  Let’s see:

  1. Leap Day.  It’s a reminder that we are, after all, only human.  Despite our wealth of knowledge and technology, our calendar is so fundamentally buggered that we need to cram in an extra day every four years to try and compensate.  And even then we haven’t got it quite right.
  2. Electricity.  You laugh, but remember the chaos that ensued back in 2003 when the lights went out?  I recall being in my apartment with my cell phone on, using its eerie glow to grope my way between rooms.  I also recall that it was August, and it was hot, and I was 19 floors up in my building.  Heat rises.  I’ll let you do the math.
  3. GuinessFew beers could be considered equals, and none truly comparable.

2 Responses to Gratitude – 02/29/2008

  1. Those are all good, the electricity one got me thinking most of all. It is amazing, the few times I have been without power for a day or more, how much my life seemed to shut down.

  2. siegecurmudgeon says:

    It gets me wondering, of all the services, utilities, and luxuries we enjoy today, which one would most disrupt our lifestyle if we had to do without? Running water? Electricity? Gasoline? Internet access?

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