Messing with technology

Still being rather new to the blogging landscape, and trying to get my legs under me, I’m messing about with different tools and options for blogging.  At least, as much as time permits.

Upon updating MSN Messenger this morning I found there was an option to install Writer, which lets me post to my blog through a Windows Live interface.  I’m currently using it to write this post.

There was a moment’s concern when I didn’t see a readily available way to categorize this post using the categories I’d set up on WordPress, but hunting through the menu options and selecting to view the Properties remedied that.

I’m not entirely convinced of the value of it; is it really any more convenient to open an application to post, rather than just navigating to my blog and using WordPress’ built-in tools?  The one benefit I see is that Writer has a Vista-based, snazzy looking interface, and appears to make it fairly easy to include pictures.  Pictures are definitely something I need to start including to jazz up the look of this page.

The question, of course, is precisely what pictures I would share.

I’ll play with it a bit and see if it adds any value over the WordPress interface, which I’ve always found to be pretty quick and convenient.


2 Responses to Messing with technology

  1. Lynnita says:

    Funny you should mention pictures. I’ve been wondering how to use them and where to find them, and in my search I came across Skelliwag’s Guide to Finding and Using Flickr Photos. It’s a great how-to for (legally) using some of those incredible pictures that others take.

  2. siegecurmudgeon says:

    Hey, thanks! The unwritten question in my post was precisely what you identified — how do you legally find and share photos? Great to have some answers to that.

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