Gratitude – 03/06/2008

Well, for the first time since I started the posts, I have missed a weekday in my gratitude posts.  Yesterday was a little nuts.  By the time I finished work, it really wasn’t even yesterday anymore; it was today.

So for today’s gratitude list, I will need to look past the sleep-deprived fog in my brain, and draw upon the powers of caffeine to carry me onward.

  1. Caffeine.  The Wikipedia entry scares me, and makes me shy about ever touching the stuff again, but I do so enjoy it from time to time.  I’m not an everyday drinker of coffee or soda (pop, for the Canucks among us), so I appreciate it that much more when I do indulge.  I also get really, really, wired.
  2. Washing machines.  Given how much I hate doing laundry, even with all the efficiency of a washing machine, I can only imagine how much I would be hating life if I had to do all that by hand.
  3. The internal combustion engine.  Now, before you start throwing eggs, I realize the environmental impact this has had.  However, the engine has accelerated human advancement to a remarkable degree.  The shift to new, more environmentally sound methods of propulsion is needed and welcome.  Let’s just not forget that it’s based on improving the concept of the fossil-fuel-fired engine.

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