Gratitude – 03/13/2008

Today’s gratitude list:

  1. I’m grateful for lemons.  This evening, our meal consisted of lemon dill chicken, followed by a lemon cake with lemony icing.  It was a lotta lemon.  Without the lowly lemon, tonight’s meal would have been decidedly nonexistent.
  2. I’m grateful that we celebrated my wife’s birthday today.  It’s not actually her birthday, but since we got married so close to her actual birthday she was concerned that she’d get shafted on gifts, so we decided to celebrate today.
  3. I’m grateful for trick candles.  I put them on the birthday cake this evening, which was good for a brief laugh as we tried to blow them out.  It was followed by a little less laughter as we pondered how to actually get them extinguished, and concluded with some thoughtful gazing at all the ash now embedded in the icing of the cake.  Maybe I’m not as grateful for trick candles as I’d originally thought.

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