Gratitude – 03/14/2008

It’s the weekend, which always makes me extra grateful.  So today, I am grateful:

  1. For movies based on video games.  I grant you, most of them are pretty bad; it’s a shame to see a great game made into a bad movie.  But in some cases, they’re so bad that they’re really entertaining.  And in other cases, they’re almost palatable.  Tonight, I plan to see which camp Hitman falls into.
  2. For movies based on comic books.  There have been some major disappointments, but there have also been a lot of really great films.
  3. That nobody has yet tried to make a movie out of Tetris.  I say “yet”, because I’m willing to bet considerable sums of money that it’s just a matter of time.  Somewhere, somehow, Tetris will become a movie.

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