Gratitude – 03/17/2008

Today’s gratitude list:

  1. I am grateful that Hitman didn’t suck out loud.  We watched it on Friday, and I have to confess that I went into the film fully expecting it to be garbage.  Making a videogame – even a great one – into a movie is no easy task.  But the general concensus around here is that it wasn’t half bad, even if that was because we expected very little of it.  At the end of it, though, in spite of the atrocious acting and rampant clichés, the movie had an interesting enough story and sufficient stylized action keep me from cursing the wasted, unrecoverable time lost watching it.  Unlike some movies I’ve seen.
  2. I’m grateful for vacations.  No, I’m not on one, but I really need one, and I’m sure glad they exist.  You’ve seen how much my mood picks up on weekends?  Just wait ’til vacation hits.
  3. I’m grateful for Christmas Vacation.

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