Why my blog now has pictures

Cafe GratitudeBasically, it’s thanks to Lorelle.  Those of you who read my earlier post will know that I have been experiencing tremendous frustration in trying to get images to post properly.  For some reason, I could load an image and send it to the editor, but as soon as I used the WordPress.com image editor to set the alignment to “left”, the image would disappear.

After some highly technical sleuthing, which basically involved loading a post and image to my blog with Windows Live Writer, then comparing the code between the two, I found that whenever WordPress aligned the image, it also set its length and width to zero.  This effectively made it disappear, and caused me no end of confusion and aggravation.

So now, based on Lorelle’s comments, after loading an image I am just adding an [align = “left”] tag between “img” and “src” in my code.  For now, at least, it seems to be doing the trick.  This is the first picture I’ve been able to load to my blog through the WordPress interface.

A huge thanks to Lorelle on this.

Update: In my previous post, I mentioned getting images from Flickr to use in my blog.  Flickr uses the Creative Commons license, and there’s a great post by Skelliewag that explains what the different licenses mean and how to use images legally and properly.

Picture by Shayan.


4 Responses to Why my blog now has pictures

  1. Lynnita says:

    The photos are a very nice addition to your blog. I’m glad Lorelle showed up!

  2. And wonderful that your first picture is Cafe Gratitude, one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. I was there several times on my visit there recently!

    Also see Free Photos for Your Blog for more free photos.

    And don’t forget to ask on the WordPress.com Support Forum for help rather than just posting it on your blog. I only found you through a trackback link. If you need help, blogging for it “might” get you help, but searching and using the forums is the best place to start. Good luck blogging from one road warrior to another! I’ve been on the road full-time since 1996.

  3. siegecurmudgeon says:

    I must confess that I haven’t actually been to the cafe, though I’ve been in San Fran a couple times. The image on Flickr just seemed very appropriate, so I pulled it in.

    Thanks for the Photo link, and the tip on getting blogging help! I need to make better use of the forums.

    I’ve just started my Road Warrior journey; it’ll be interesting to see where it leads. 🙂

  4. […] 3. The new version of WordPress.  I haven’t had the chance to play with it much yet, but it’s different, and I’m a fan of change.  And it’s made posting images a lot easier. […]

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