Gratitude – 03/26/2008

I am grateful for:

1. Wikipedia.  Like Brad W at The Lamppost, I find it a great place to start research — though I must confess that, in many cases, I end my research there as well.  This is because I’m usually not looking for authoritative answers; just information for my own interest’s sake.  I find myself going there most often to find out what happened to a particular person or specific band, or to understand a particular phrase or concept.  Wikipedia covers an incredibly broad array of topics, and in my mind is a great place to start growing your brain.

Dollar Bill2. My cost-conscious wife.  She’s the counterbalance to my freewheeling fiscal ways, and my financial state is much the better for it.  Even if it does occasionally drive me nuts that she cross-examines me regarding any purchase I make that’s larger than thirty-five cents.

3.Compromise.  We’ve finally reached an agreement where we each get a fixed sum each month that we may fritter away as we please, no questions asked.  Of course, while I’m frittering mine away, she’ll probably be saving and investing hers, which means in about 30 years she’ll own much of the Eastern seaboard and I… well, I’ll be along for the ride, so I think I’m cool with that.



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