Siege has moved

May 6, 2008

It’s time to stake out some real estate in the big world (virtually speaking).  Siege Curmudgeon has moved to his very own site:
All my previous posts have been imported, and I’ll be doing my updates there in the future.  Hope to see you at the new address!


Why my blog now has pictures

March 23, 2008

Cafe GratitudeBasically, it’s thanks to Lorelle.  Those of you who read my earlier post will know that I have been experiencing tremendous frustration in trying to get images to post properly.  For some reason, I could load an image and send it to the editor, but as soon as I used the image editor to set the alignment to “left”, the image would disappear.

After some highly technical sleuthing, which basically involved loading a post and image to my blog with Windows Live Writer, then comparing the code between the two, I found that whenever WordPress aligned the image, it also set its length and width to zero.  This effectively made it disappear, and caused me no end of confusion and aggravation.

So now, based on Lorelle’s comments, after loading an image I am just adding an [align = “left”] tag between “img” and “src” in my code.  For now, at least, it seems to be doing the trick.  This is the first picture I’ve been able to load to my blog through the WordPress interface.

A huge thanks to Lorelle on this.

Update: In my previous post, I mentioned getting images from Flickr to use in my blog.  Flickr uses the Creative Commons license, and there’s a great post by Skelliewag that explains what the different licenses mean and how to use images legally and properly.

Picture by Shayan.

Why my blog doesn’t have pictures

March 22, 2008

Quite frankly, it’s because I can’t get them to work.

Every attempt follows pretty much the same pattern.  I go to Flickr, find a photo I like that’s under the Attribution License, and download it.  Then I fire up a new subject, upload the image, and copy it to my post.  The picture shows up, happily, in the upper right corner of the post.

That’s when everything heads south.  For some reason, as soon as I try to wrap text around it, the image just disappears.  The HTML tags around it don’t, but the image itself pulls a Batman and vanishes.  No amount of clicking, editing, raving, or swearing will bring it back.

I begin Googling.  The first time I went through this exercise, I was pretty confident I’d have a solution in a few clicks.  Not so.  I’ve been to Lorelle’s excellent and informative post on adding images to a blog, and to a host of other sites that mention, however briefly, the challenges of having an image appear on your post.  But I’ve yet to find a mention of this particular issue.

It should be noted that I am using, rather than, which means I don’t have access to many of the funky features and plugins that are otherwise available.

Frustration mounting, I begin threatening my computer, WordPress, and the internet in general with dire consequences if this image does not properly appear.  I plead.  I bargain.  I promise gold and a universe full of fame.  It has no effect.

And so, with a mightly flourish of whispered profanity, I strip out the image and publish the bland, black-and-white text to my blog.  I vow that this time — really, this time — I am not even going to bother trying to include images in my blog anymore.

I keep this vow for a week or even two.  Then the superior graphic nature of the blogs about me begins to weigh on my mind, and I find myself once again drawn to try, just once more, to get a simple bloody image to work.

As you can see, I have still experienced no success.

Update: About 2 minutes after I posted this, Lorelle shed some light on the issue, as reflected in my next post.

Messing with technology

March 1, 2008

Still being rather new to the blogging landscape, and trying to get my legs under me, I’m messing about with different tools and options for blogging.  At least, as much as time permits.

Upon updating MSN Messenger this morning I found there was an option to install Writer, which lets me post to my blog through a Windows Live interface.  I’m currently using it to write this post.

There was a moment’s concern when I didn’t see a readily available way to categorize this post using the categories I’d set up on WordPress, but hunting through the menu options and selecting to view the Properties remedied that.

I’m not entirely convinced of the value of it; is it really any more convenient to open an application to post, rather than just navigating to my blog and using WordPress’ built-in tools?  The one benefit I see is that Writer has a Vista-based, snazzy looking interface, and appears to make it fairly easy to include pictures.  Pictures are definitely something I need to start including to jazz up the look of this page.

The question, of course, is precisely what pictures I would share.

I’ll play with it a bit and see if it adds any value over the WordPress interface, which I’ve always found to be pretty quick and convenient.